Modern training and conference center planned for Dessau city center

Blog Post Date: Friday 22 January 2016

The conference rooms on the second floor of Building 211 were transformed into a press center for the event. IDT and the City of Dessau announced in a joint press conference that IDT has purchased the grounds of the former Schade brewery from the city. A new training and conference center will be built in the city center, to be used internally by IDT Biologika as well as by third parties. The land purchase was notarized on December 23, 2015, as announced to the media.

For a long time, no use could be found for the privately owned grounds of the former Schade brewery on Lange Gasse. Given its very central location, this posed a problem for attractive urban development of the city center. The City of Dessau succeeded in acquiring the land in 2015. Now a cooperation agreement has been reached between the city and IDT Biologika as well as Klocke Holding, for the purpose of renovating the Schade brewery with integration of its protected features. The new structure will serve as a modern training and conference center and will significantly enhance the attractiveness of the city center, including with the redesign of the Schade brewery grounds. This news made headlines in the regional media.

Something new from something old: the purchase of the Schade brewery in the center of Dessau lays the foundation for revitalizing the city core.

“With this project, IDT Biologika continues to support our city. It is also clear that the decision for location of the future Bauhaus Museum was merely a first step in the revitalization we want to see for the city center,” Mayor Peter Kuras announced confidently, and with clear pleasure, at the press conference.

“With the new conference and training center, we are meeting the needs of our dynamically expanding company for conference rooms for customers and partners from around the world. We will also need space to train our growing workforce, who develop and produce state-of-the-art vaccines and biologics for global health care in the 21st century,” declared Dr. Ralf Pfirmann, CEO of IDT Biologika. “This project will make IDT Biologika visible in a central location in Dessau and demonstrates that IDT and Klocke Holding accept responsibility for the region’s development. We want to make a genuine contribution to the revitalization of Dessau city center with these measures.”

“Construction will begin very quickly after the comprehensive planning stage that is currently underway. A modern training and conference center will be built in the first phase of construction,” continued Andreas Kastenbauer, Managing Director of IDT Biologika. “The different stages of planned construction will give rise to facilities and an overall complex that will revitalize the Dessau city center and expand the functionality of the conference center.”