Analytical Development

IDT Biologika offers comprehensive analytical services to support our clients’ development programs covering viral testing, microbiological testing, molecular-biological testing, biological testing, and chemical-physical testing. For statistical analysis and risk analysis, specialists support the professional groups.

Assay Development Specialization

Our Assay Development team specializes in protein assays, virus assays, residual impurity assays, DNA assays, as well as potency and product characterization and detection of endotoxins.

Our analytical services cover early process development through scale-up to commercial manufacture, ensuring end-to-end consistency and comparability of data throughout the lifecycle of a product. These include method development, method transfer, implementation and validation, raw material testing and release, in-process testing (viral, bacterial, protein and DNA), release testing, stability testing, as well as cleaning and validation analytics.

Fast-Track Analytical Methods

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

NGS allows sequencing of millions of nucleotide fragments (“massively parallel sequencing”). IDT Biologika uses this technology for a broad range of different applications, such as characterization of different strains, identification, purity of populations and strain stability after virus replication. All sequencing assays are completed by our bioinformatics services.

Adventitious Agents Testing (AVT)


Mycoplasma Testing by qPCR

Mycobacteria qPCR


Fluorescence-based Flow Cytometry

Protein Profiling based on Capillary Electrophoresis

Highly Specific Protein Identification and Quantitation via Mass Spectrometry

Endotoxin Testing

Our Analytical Services and Quality Control Strategy at a Glance