Former Schade brewery grounds handed off to IDT Biologika

Blog Post Date: Tuesday 21 November 2017

The former Schade brewery site located on Lange Gasse was officially handed over to IDT Biologika by the City of Dessau-Rosslau on November 17. This family-run biotechnology company began discussions with the city for acquisition of the site in December 2015. The discovery of previously unidentified well and cellar systems delayed the planned transfer of ownership by almost 18 months from mid-2016.

Mayor Peter Kuras was pleased to be able to complete the official transfer of the property today. “This will bring further vital development to the city center, together with the Kavalierstrasse and Bauhausmuseum construction projects,” he announced. “Our agreement is a real windfall for the city. IDT Biologika’s plans will bring life back to a long-neglected site in the city center, as well as preserving an industrial monument.”

“We are very grateful to the city of Dessau-Rosslau and all the agencies involved for the extremely constructive and straightforward negotiations during the past several months,” said CEO Andreas Kastenbauer on November 17 at the official ceremony transferring ownership of the property, which is centrally located between the Rathaus and the future Bauhaus Museum.

Transfer of the complex was postponed until now due to additional required work and the delays this caused. Various planning work was conducted while these developments were underway, including intensive analyses of the site and its future utilization, as well as an architect selection process. Individual designs have been developed.

Due to the project’s complexity, IDT wants to find a single partner for implementation. “We’ll decide what form this construction will take in early 2018, and continue to align closely with the city for planning and design,” said Andreas Kastenbauer at the event. Business efficiency and marketability of the developed spaces together with IDT’s own use of the site will fundamentally guide decision-making, he added. “The project on the Schade brewery grounds should offer prospects and sustainability with a positive impact on the city as a whole. We are very conscious of the responsibility involved in this property transfer and will therefore take the time we need to diligently assess the feasibility of various options. This also includes our active search for an investor and operator,” said the IDT CEO.

“Transparency and open communication are very important to us and we will provide regular updates on planning status. I therefore ask you to understand that we currently do not have more specific details on the project timeline.”