Utilizing New Production Capacities for Streamlined Vaccine Manufacturing

View our Webinar where we will delve into critical aspects of streamlined vaccine development and manufacturing.

Our Experts 

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<LI> Dr. Daniel Minör – Head of Manufacturing, Senior Manager Production </LI><LI> Dakota Chenoweth – Team Lead, DSP Technologies Process Development</LI><LI> Daniel Hynek – Scientist, Upstream Process Development</LI>


will get you an inside:

<LI> about our modern GMP compliant production facility </LI><LI> our pandemic preparedness program and how we set up a generic process design for adenovirus vaccine mass production</LI><LI> how we handle challenges that come with large-scale transfer and how we overcame these during tech-transfer into production, as well, as to incorporate these established learnings in future processes</LI>

followed by a Q&A session.