Overcoming Challenges in AAV and LV Viral Vector Manufacturing: A Platform Based Approach for Optimizing Timeline, Cost and Effort Into Clinics

View our expert Mathias Kahl, Director Process Development at IDT Biologika, talking about our AAV and LV expertise and how we can help your team to design a seamless and scalable vector-production process.

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<LI> How to leverage innovative testing and manufacturing platforms to reduce timelines while increasing cost-savings for viral vector production </LI><LI> About the benefits of partnering with experienced CDMOs with AAV and LVV manufacturing experience</LI><LI> And more </LI>



<b>Part 1</b> – About IDT Biologika / AAV and LV in CGT / Market Situation / Manufacturing concepts for AAV and LV / Challenges


<b>Part 2</b> – Improvements / IDT Biologika Manufacturing Concept / Q&A Session 1


<b>Part 3</b> – Q&A Session 2