From development to commercial production of injectable biopharmaceuticals

IDT Biologika is a contract development and manufacturing organization offering services for partners committed to the development and marketing of therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines and other biological products. We use broad capabilities and a depth of technologies to provide end-to-end services from process development through commercial manufacturing for companies involved in the development of vaccines, gene and immunotherapeutics and oncolytic viral therapies.

Focused on viral live vaccines and other biopharmaceuticals such as recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies, IDT Biologika utilizes state-of-the-art facilities and offers many years of experience in the development of production processes and the commercial manufacturing.

We strive for strong and long-term partnerships with our clients, including multi-national pharmaceutical and biotech companies, the US government, research alliances and research institutions worldwide.

Founded almost 100 years ago in Germany, the company operates sites in Germany (Dessau-Rosslau and Magdeburg) and the US (Rockville, Maryland).


Our locations

Company sites in Germany are in Dessau-Rosslau and in Magdeburg.
In the United States, IDT Corporation operates a site in Rockville, Maryland.

The company in figures

IDT Biologika’s significant growth was fueled by the high demand for new vaccines to combat diseases around the globe. The company achieved sales of 205 million euros for fiscal year 2018 (preliminary figures). IDT annually invests up to 20 % of its revenue for continuous facility improvement. In 2018 IDT employed approximately 1,600 people worldwide.

We invest up to 20 % of our annual revenue for continuous facility improvement.
205 Mio. €
revenue in 2018 (preliminary figures)
employees 2018
240 Mio. €
investments since 2011

A Klocke Group company

IDT Biologika is a member of the Klocke Group. Klocke Group companies are specialized in contract production and packaging of medications, vaccines and cosmetic products. A traditional, family-owned company, the Klocke Group employs a workforce of more than 2,000 people in Europe and the U.S. The group offers comprehensive services for the manufacture and packaging of pharmaceutical products at its six production facilities.

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