Our Core Values

Source: IDT Biologika Code of Conduct 10/2018.


IDT Biologika respects the following values for its collaboration with customers, partners, suppliers as well as within the company.

Honesty/trust and cooperation

We are honest, sincere and trusting in our interactions with one another. We value the opinions of others. We accept decisions that have been made.

A culture of learning and innovation

We overcome the challenges of tomorrow by means of continuous learning, innovative solutions and an open and constructive approach to mistakes.

Proactive and results driven behaviour

We achieve optimum results together through clear objectives, independent thinking, proactive beahaviour, motivation and committment.

Conflicts of interest

We do not use our personal influence to gain advantages or to establish or encourage relationships with companies in which we, our family members or friends have an interest.

Continuity and sustainability

We also look ahead to tomorrow and create sustainable values.

Loyality to the company

We take joint responsibility for the company and do our utmost to ensure propeer, truthful, transparent operation and documentation.

Competence and customer focus

What we do, we do really well - at all levels, for us and for our customers.

IDT Code of Conduct

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