Contract manufacturing

International companies in the biopharmaceutical industry trust IDT for its expertise, reliability and years of experience in the manufacture of prophylactic and therapeutic biologics. Many human vaccines developed by IDT together with international partners are already in use, fighting tuberculosis, AIDS and malaria. IDT has the capacity to manufacture live vaccines as recombinant vector vaccines, based on orthopoxvirus, for example, or as live attenuated virus vaccines.

IDT utilizes the latest, most advanced technologies in the production of these products. The company handles every step in manufacturing and quality control processes: bulk active substances, sterile filling, efficient packaging systems, cold chains, early development, small-batch production of samples and large-scale production.

In the field of pharmaceutical drugs, IDT focuses on sterile, injectable, bioengineered finished products. Here again, IDT Biologika handles the entire process chain, from development to ready-for-sale packaging of pharmaceutical products. The company employs highly efficient production technologies in the manufacturing of these advanced pharmaceuticals.

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For many years, IDT has been developing and manufacturing vaccines for international biopharmaceutical companies to combat diseases and epidemics worldwide. Using the most advanced technologies, IDT Biologika handles all aspects of finished drugs in contract manufacturing, from development to packaging. The fight against infectious diseases is the top priority in the production of veterinary medicines. Products developed by IDT Biologika help improve animal health around the globe: IDT’s rabies vaccine was the key to eradicating the virus in Germany. IDT also aims to continue bringing new, effective products to market, which is why every year the company reinvests eight percent of its turnover back into research and development.