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The 100-year history of today’s IDT Biologika began with the founding of the „Bakteriologisches Institut der Anhaltischen Kreise“ on July 1, 1921 in Dessau. Today the company is an innovative life science company with extensive expertise in vaccines and biologics for the global protection of human and animal health.


100 years in five articles

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The company‘s roots reach back to the “Bakteriologisches Institut der Anhaltischen Kreise” founded in Dessau.


Commercial production began in 1925 with the manufacture of swine erysipelas vaccines.


Rising demand for industrial production of sera for passive immunization of humans and animals led to the foundation of the “Anhaltisches Serum Institut Dessau GmbH” (ASID).


Production of vaccines and diagnostic agents to combat infectious diseases in the newly formed “Forschungsinstitut für Impfstoffe”.


Government programs to prevent and treat animal infectious diseases shaped the strategic direction towards research and production.


Production capacities for human medicines were spun off. The company was renamed “VEB Impfstoffwerk Dessau-Tornau”.


The entrepreneur Hartmut Klocke privatized the corporation as “Impfstoffwerk Dessau-Tornau GmbH”.


The company expanded production capacities and started to focus on two company businesses: 1. the contract development and manufacturing of human vaccines and biologics and 2. R&D, production and distribution of animal health products.


Due to growing internationalization of business, the company was renamed IDT Biologika.


New location of IDT Biologika in the US. Acquisition of the contract manufacturing division of Aeras TB in Rockville, MD.


Acquisition of the animal health business of IDT Biologika by Ceva Santè Animale. From now on, IDT Biologika focusses on custom development and manufacturing of human vaccines and biologics as CDMO.


IDT Biologika specializes in the custom development and manufacturing of vaccines, gene therapy medicinal products, sterile liquids and lyophilized biologics.